Hand Illustrations
-Tarot-Inspired Pet Project

For a while now, I’ve been immersed in a creative project.
It all started with the idea of taking my previous series of line illustrations to the next level by giving them purpose.
I decided to draw inspiration from the tarot deck. Compositions are focused on hands that hold or are surrounded by attributes of each card.

In this collection, you will find 12 illustrations:
The Fool, The Ace of Cups, The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Pentacles, The Ace of Swords, The Star,
The Sun, The Moon, The Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit, and The Magician.

At this stage, I am mainly focusing on the illustration work once I have a full deck I will work on the layout with names and covers.

12 done 66 more to go…

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