How logo is made - a glimpse into my logo creation process

I’d like to give you a glimpse into my logo creation process, so that you have an idea of what you’re buying when you commission a designer like me to formulate your brand emblem. I completely understand that buying a logo “off the rack” from a stock page is much easier, and may seem more cost-effective, but will it do the job if you’re looking for something unique? A great logo is like a tailored suit; it fits perfectly and makes you look smart. Simply put, working with a designer like me is a wise investment, I can equip you with a logo which will make your brand look great every time you communicate with the world.

Logo design isn’t easy; it’s challenging and takes time. A company’s logo is the piece de resistance of its visual identity, it will brand every fragment of communication that goes out to the world, and for this reason it must be formulated professionally. Most modern marketing operations are about storytelling, and rightly so because I believe that a relatable tale of how a company came to its current position is a powerful tool in the creation of loyal followers. The right logo can be thought of as the first word in that story…


A logo, as a company’s visual identity has the crucial tasks of capturing the essence of the brand design and reflecting its unique characteristics. As you can probably imagine, an undertaking of this size requires a detailed brief and a fair amount of research; I need to get to know both you and your business. Be prepared to answer questions not only about colour and style, but about the company itself: the product/service you’re providing, the industry you’re a part of, the company’s past, and what kind of growth you anticipate in the years to come.

Once I feel like I know the company and its needs, it’s time to begin the process of visual research. There are over 30 brand touch-points, and a logo must work on each and every one of them. It’s not just about colours, fonts, and shapes, but also how that one little symbol is going to contribute to the brand’s visual identity. With this in mind, many designers will start the process by filling page after page with sketches and notes until the best idea reveals itself.



Things don’t happen overnight in the design world, choices are made based on the company’s story, its vision, and its audience. Once I’ve singled out the best idea (sometimes more than one), I can create a first draft with a few words of commentary explaining what brought me to this concept. This is an ideal time to review things with the company, ask for their feedback, and hopefully settle on the best approach. As soon as this is established, work on the final design can begin; this usually means refining the details, creating alternative lockups (if possible), and suggesting ways of use.


At the end of the process, the company receives its tailored suit – an easy to use logo which stands out from the crowd, elegant and timeless, it will always fall into place.


Remember, a logo is a symbol of ownership and a promise of quality; composing it professionally is so important. Don’t settle for an “off the rack” logo or something which makes you think “that’ll do” – get in touch with me and let’s talk about creating something impactful.

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