Logo design process notes

To create a logo for an organic honey and beeswax products brand that will inspire healthy eco-friendly living

There is a level of excitement once the research is done and you get to start working on the logo ideas. Creating branding will require more than just a designing a logo so mood board is required to capture the general look and feel of the new visual identity.

Stage two is the messy-try-anything-there-are-no-bad-ideas stage. For me, it means a lot of sketches and reference photos. I will keep my pencil to paper until I have worked through all the ideas starting with close to nature sketches and progressively synthesising the form.

I usually end up with 2 to 3 viable concepts. From now on I will focus only on them so the next point on the agenda for this project will be creating rough vector drafts and placing them on few mockups.

As you can see from the image each idea has an additional option but not for long.
I will be narrowing this selection to 2 or 3. To make that choice I will be adding typography and playing with mark applications. This is also the moment when will be sharing the visuals with my client asking for feedback.

Here is the winner. It is a simple synthetic form that will easy to use. Now that I have the mark done I can start designing initial touchpoints.

Social media templates are one of the most popular identity application my clients choose. And rightly so I might add as those channels will be the first points of contact with their community and most likely where my client will be actively building brand awareness.

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