I won’t lie I needed one. I went through a rebrand in January(2020) and hadn’t had a chance until now to look into the subject of my social media presence. I am serious about my brand and keeping the image consistent so no better time like the present to tackle that task.

As with creating assets for any other brand touchpoint, I went through all the research findings and my mood boards to work out what will create the biggest impact and connect with my lovely existing and potential client and of course stay in line with my brand and visual identity. In addition to brand discovery findings, I also created an outline for my marketing which allowed me to narrow down the batch to just a few assets. In essence, I will be promoting my photo and design work with an occasional announcement or blog-style carousel post. Having a theme in place means that I can fully focus on content without spending time thinking about the theme and how my feed will look.

I love minimal design so obviously, the layout needs to be clean and simple. So I am going to use only one font and keep the colour scheme limited, however, I will be quite flexible when it comes to photography allowing a more personal approach. I am using the standard Instagram post and story size as it will work for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Below you will have examples of basic and carousel posts, stories, theme work files and IG feed example.

Instagram theme

Instagram feed theme

carousel posts design

IG theme work file

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