Future Narratives project
- visual identity

At the heart of the Future Narratives project lies a powerful mission: to engage and empower young people across Europe through the art of storytelling. My primary role in this endeavour was to craft a captivating logo and establish a foundational visual identity that would effectively support this noble cause.

The Concept:
The central theme of this brand is storytelling. I chose meandering lines as a representation of the winding, imaginative paths that stories take, leading us on incredible journeys.

Energetic and Youthful Visual Identity
Given that this project caters to a younger audience, I designed the visual identity to be vibrant, energetic, and full of life. The colours, typography, and overall look and feel of the brand are tailored to resonate with the young.

By offering a glimpse into the Future Narratives project, I aim to showcase the power of visual identity in driving a mission forward. If you’re seeking branding solutions that resonate with young audiences and carry a message of hope and empowerment, let’s connect.

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