Logo design for creative retreats start-up

Logo design and basic visual identity designed for a startup. WCR is offering holistic creative retreats. The signature word wild is custom typography paired with Azo font that was modified by adding a touch more weight and adjusting the kerning.

Here are some of the suggestions on the visual identity elements

Brand colours
The are no limits to use of colours. The suggestion is to keep them on the earthy/natural side and to avoid muddy shades or intense colours like hot
pink or neon yellow.

Brand font
The main goal was to find a sanserif font allows the serif logo to stand out
The chosen font called Mulish is easy to read with 16 weights allowing variety without compromising the consistency.

Brand photos
Both founders are very creative and one of them is a professional photographer so the question of brand photography pretty much answered itself. However, some situations will require a background photo that will support the message without taking the front stage. That is why I have prepared a few examples.

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