AR Tool for Dentists
-Visual Identity, UI, & UX

Narvi is an innovative augmented reality system designed to elevate the precision of dental procedures, with a specific focus on implantation.
This cutting-edge technology draws inspiration from its use in neurosurgery and by fighter jet pilots as tactical support.

Narvi marks one of the most comprehensive projects I’ve had the privilege to work on. My primary mission was to create
a seamless user experience for app, software and product brochure website. Additionally, I established a consistent visual identity that is helping with marketing targeting medical and scientific audiences.

In summary, my contributions to this project encompassed:

– Crafting a comprehensive visual identity suite
– Designing an engaging and user-friendly website
– Creating intuitive UI and UX for the software
– Developing an immersive UI and UX for the augmented reality app

This portfolio post represents a select portion of the comprehensive work undertaken for this project.

Please note that the logo was finalized before I assumed responsibility for this project.

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