YLC - website design

This was the second time that I have got a chance to take part in Net Magazine’s challenge to create a design based on their brief. The initial brief was quite simple, so I had to add some more parameters allowing me to resolve some form of problem.

The YLC is a centre focusing on supporting its small rural community by providing a multitude of courses, activities and events, but also by reporting local news stories and
up-to-date information. Predictably the biggest challenge of this design was to create a site capable of supporting growing amounts of content, while making it accessible for everybody. Here, the mobile-first approach was a must to ensure smooth and efficient navigation around the page on any device. It was important for the visual side of the project to capture the spirit of the centre and the neighbourhood, which was achieved by using photos to illustrate local events and the undeniable beauty of the region. The neutral colour scheme in addition to a clean and simple, slightly editorial layout, makes browsing through the vast amounts of copy both enjoyable and easy

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